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"I am my own person. I dont believe in stereotypes. I do believe that we all are unique and should be given a chance to express our God-given talent. I write my own scripts and love writing poems. And thus turning my novel into a movie.``


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Premiered at ster kinekor Gateway


This is an absorbing movie with a thought provoking story line, with what might appear to be a strange title to many at first, `A STEM OF ROSE AND THORNS` is based on a true story about a young girl.

Born on the outskirts of a remote village with many humble homes surrounded by lush green vegetation overlooking hillocks and cascading white water down below, she endured years of the harsh reality, while nature embraced her in her pleasure and pain.

She was a fan of nature and escapes into her dream world, only to be reawakened once again to the harsh reality. This is a riveting journey only told in the hope that no one else has to endure...........!!

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